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It is a big decision.  You can’t take it lightly.  It has to be perfect—it is the symbol of everlasting love and promises for a future as bright as the diamond sparkling in the ring. 

When you buy a ring from Keith Nusinov Jewelers, you deal with the owners. Keith and his wife Andrea, will guide you through your purchase.  You will be able to choose from hundreds of styles. Next, they will help you understand the 4C’s of diamonds—cut, color, clarity and carat.  You will know what it is you are buying.  As a diamond broker, Keith is able to buy diamonds at a much better price than the competition and that means a greater savings for you!

It’s a big decision.  Come in to Keith Nusinov Jewelers and you will see why our customers stay with us long after the engagement ring!

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16951 York Road, Suite D
Monkton, MD 21111
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As true animal lovers, we support Animal Rescue, which is a sanctuary for life shelter. In addition to our ongoing support, we will feature pets on occasion in search of a loving home.

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